Stunning Medical Branding for Your Clinic

Feel like you don’t know where to start?

Feel like you have no idea how to express your vision?

That’s where we come in. We have a process that will walk you through launching a brand that you will be proud of in just a few weeks. We just need an hour of your time to get started and the rest is taken care of.


We’ll Bring Your
Medical Brand to Life

What’s included:

  • Initial brand clarity session

  • Worksheets and questionnaire to define your brand and audience

  • Primary logo, alternate logo and submark

  • Two sets of amends

  • Final logo design including brand guidelines (typography, hex colour, etc)

Let’s bring your
vision to life.

Your brand tells a story. It’s not just a logo; it’s a blend of visual design, spoken language, even actions, all coming together to form a coherent idea in the minds of the patients of your brand’s values and personality.

We immerse ourselves in your clinical world to find out everything about you and your practice, what drives you and what makes you unique, as well as your market, your consumers and your competitors. It’s then down to the design of your brand to communicate what you’re all about.

How Do You Want To Make Your Patients Feel?

When your most satisfied new patients communicate with you, what do they have to say? Listening to the interactions of new, satisfied patients can reveal a wealth of information about how you make your customers feel. Do they express:

  • Relief?

  • A feeling of safety?

  • New-found energy?

The most frequent positive emotion your patients associate with your clinic is critical information for building a brand. We use this emotion to select visual identity aspects, including the optimal colours and fonts.

It only takes a few seconds to win someone over, so getting your branding right from the off is serious business.